Nikos Papadimitriou was born in Chios in 1971. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1991 - 1996) and at the Kent Institute of Art & Design (postgraduate studies in visual communication), Kent, UK (1999 - 2000).
He has presented his work in personal and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Works by Papadimitriou are to be found in public and private collections and in the Intercontinental, 21, and Periscope Hotels in Athens. He lives and works in Athens.

The dominant theme in Papadimitriou's explorations is the way in which contemporary man apprehends space and time. In his work, a principal morphological feature is the line. He uses various means in order to develop his ideas - painting, engraving, sculpture, video, installations, and murals.
The linear handling of the image in his works of painting contributes to a different approach to the space, shapes and magnitudes which surround us. Their elliptic style often stems from the use and interpolation of technology.
In videos, the speed of the alternation of the 'frames', in conjunction with the rhythm of the music, creates a result which serves as a comment on time. Time and sound dramatise scenes and stress issues of human relations and behaviours.