Born in Paris in 1973. He studied Photography in Athens and Paris, and Architecture in Thessaloniki. He received MA in Image and Communication in Goldsmiths College, University of London (1998) and PhD in Art and Design from University of Derby (2007). He has presented his work in solo and group shows in Greece and abroad. In 2008, he completed a two month project in United States driving from coast to coast supported by a Fulbright scholarship. He has provided the photographs for a number of books in art and architecture, among which On the Edge: New Architectures in Cyprus, Prof. Yiorgos Tzirgilakis (Athens 2010), Royal Mansions in Greece, Prof. Maro Kardamitsi-Adami (Athens 2009), Ernst Ziller 1837-1923: The Art of Classic, Prof. Maro Adami (Athens 2006), Italian Architecture in The Dodecanese Islands, Prof. Vassilis Kolonas (Athens 2002). Lives and works in Athens and Thessaloniki, teaching Photography in the School of Architecture, University of Thessaly.

Yiorgis Yerolymbos' work focuses on the interface of nature and culture as it can be exemplified in contemporary topography. He photographs landscapes under transition, places that have sustained changes in the face of modernisation and optimisation of land exploitation. Yerolymbos is merely interested in the dynamics of change. He chooses to photograph the human-altered landscape not only because it illustrates the rapid socio-political changes that have been punctuating the landscape and habitat in the past years, but also because this type of representation as a genre coincides with a significant change in the photographic imagery itself. His research interests include the process of beautification of landscape in contemporary photography, the construction of identity through lived-in space.